Gardening Facts & Tips: (new tip added every week)


  1. A good month for sowing new lawns, try to water first thing in the morning or last thing at night to make the most of water supply.  Also try to recycle water where possible using water butts etc.  Birds will be nesting during May, try not to disturb hedge rows until later in June.  Mow lawns on a regular basis and try to keep weeds to a minimum, now the clocks have changed the additional sun light and expected heat encourage rapid growth. 10th May 2020
  2. By this point Daffodil and Tulip bulbs should be retaining goodness from the left over stalks, visual appearance will provide you with the perfect timing to cut back leftover remnants. 17th May 2020
  3. A good month for hoeing borders and getting ready to plant summer bedding plants, remember as the heat increases opening the greenhouse doors will allow air flow.  Some hedgerows will be starting to look untidy, The next few weeks should see fledging of nests. 28th May 2020