Installation of complete Vegetable growing area, fencing and raised bed, Butes Lane, Alderney. May 2021:


Concrete Pad and Greenhouse installation, Chemen du Meunier, Alderney. May 2021:


Complete Garden Installation onto a Blank Canvas, Newtown, Alderney. May 2021:


Summer Cabin Installation & Concrete Pad, 6 Clos de Mer, Alderney. April 2021:


Fence Panel Replacement, 5 Clos de Mer, Alderney. March 2021:

Balcony Planters Installation, Le Huret, Alderney. June 2020:

Path Installation, Chemen du Meunier, Alderney. June 2020:

Trellis Fence Installation, Le Val, Alderney. June 2020:

Fence Installation, Little Street, Alderney. May 2020:

Fence Installation, Chemen du Meunier, Alderney. Feb 2020:


Blonde Hedgehog Hotel, Garden Installation. September 2019:

A huge project spanning over many weeks, the old landscape was overgrown and resembled a jungle.

A complete re-development and installation.


Remove old blown out Fence, replace with new structure, Longis Road, Alderney.  March 2019:

Install new fence on boundary line, concrete posts and brand new fence panels.



Clear out overgrown border, re-level and re-seed, Le Bourgage, Alderney.  March 2019:

Remove weeds and unwanted plants from large border, rotavate, compress and re-seed.



Pathway with curbstone finish, Chemen du Meunier, Alderney.  February 2019:

Level site and install new Garden path with cemented curbstone rails…


Shed, Trellis & Retaining wall installation Braye Road, Alderney. August 2018:

Level site and install new Trellis and Garden Shed, replace decking boards on retaining wall…


House Painting, Allee es Fees, Alderney. May 2018:

Pressure wash and re-paint bungalow, two coats….


Huge hedge trimming, Allee es Fees, Alderney. May 2017:

A very large Privet and Elaeagnus hedge in for a trim….



Shed Installation, La Vallee, Alderney. February 2017:

Preparing and leveling site for a shed base, installation of shed, roof felt and door lock applied.


Huge hedge and tree removal & 100ft fence installation, Val Longis, Alderney. May 2016:

Three days of work removing a number of trees and large hedges, followed by a further four days clearing, prepping site before a 100ft fence installation, a remarkable difference in landscape upon completion.



Very Large Conifer Trimming, Longis Road, Alderney. May 2016:

Day spent up a ladder trimming some very large and tall Conifer trees!  A ladder extension needed for this job!


Path Patio Project, Allee es Fees, Alderney. May 2015:

A Patio/Path project running down the side of a bungalow, with Sand Stone paving slabs covering over half the side of the property. Bedded onto a screed bed of Cement and maneuvered around many obstacles before completion.


Fence Project at Stooran, Les Mouriaux, Alderney. April 2015:

A thirty foot Post n Rail fence with small gate and wire mesh between rails to stop Dogs and Children from escaping onto a busy road side. The terrain was very flat which made life quite easy, none the less, very pleased with the finished fence. The wire mesh is difficult to stop, which makes the fence look like an ordinary Post and Rail but adds that extra deterrent from anybody trying to escape the garden 😉


Fence Project at Daisy Cottage, Les Mouriaux, Alderney. March 2015:

A thirty six foot long wind battered fence had been blown out with only a couple of panels dangling from its posts! All the old structure was taken out except for the Oak posts (still in good condition). New vertical running feather edge panels installed and painted Green to suit the other Garden features. The end product was a rustic looking replacement fence, with Clematis and Rose climbers tacked on!

Dog Enclosure at Rue Les Joys, Alderney. February 2015:

The owners of this property required a large dog enclosure to keep there Collie from running off into the town area. The finished enclosure was 60ft wide by 40ft deep, to give the Collie plenty of space to run around.


Fence Project at Corner Stones, Allee es Fees, Alderney. November 2014:

At the start of this project there was a small 3ft wall that was too low to stop the owners Dog jumping into next doors garden. By the end of the project the vertical feather edge fence was 7ft high and 40ft long. With 4 by 4 posts concreted 2ft into the ground. No more escaping for that dog!

Autumn Hedge Cut, La Marette, Alderney:

An overgrown 50ft hedge in need of an Autumn tidy. Five Lorry loads of waste to the Impot, work undertaken on a busy road side.


Fencing Job, High Street, Alderney:

Working between a tight boundary line, the job was to remove an old wind battered set of Fence panels, with a new vertical feather edge 80ft long fence with gate. Planting and tacking climbing Roses to the finished project.

Fence Replacement, La Trigale, Alderney:

Eight 6ft panels had all blown out due to high winds and old age. The job here was to replace all fence panels over the 48ft length of wall they were fixed to. A tricky job with lots of climbing on walls and avoiding Rose thorns!

Small Potting Patio, La Marette, Alderney:

A small potting Patio for a few seats and lots of garden pots. Laid on a bed of hardcore and sand, all joints pointed and weed suppressant lining included.

Leveling and Re-Seeding Grass Area, Allee es Fees, Alderney. April 2014:

Leveling and re-seeding grass area that had become uneven and had mossy dead sections. Ground churned over with a Rotivator, raked through to level and grass seed sown. It didn’t take long to pop up in the mild climate we have!


Wooden Pergola for Climbing Plants, Allee es Fees, Alderney. February 2014:

A rare project to build a walk through tunnel Pergola, for climbing plants to eventually cover and make into a wildlife walk through tunnel.

Complete change of Gradient, Allee es Fees, Alderney. February 2014:

The ground here was more like a mini mountain range before work started. The Rotivator was very tired by the end of this project! All ground was churned over and thoroughly raked over and shifted into sections for re-leveling. There is now a nice flat grassed lawn in replace!


Rose Frame re-fixed, Allee es Fees, Alderney. January 2014:

An overgrown Rose bush laid claim to this Wooden frame before work started. The climber was trimmed back to a manageable shape and re-fixed to the frame. Frame was re-fixed for stability which stopped the whole structure being moved in the wind. A joy to see over the summer of 2014 with a vast mixture of colour from flowering Roses.